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Yes! Venue ,As soon as your wedding venue is decided search for floral jewellery provider in the nearby area. As you would need the flowers to look fresh, the less travelling time from the jewellery provider to the venue the more fresh will they be.
Even if you don’t find one in your near by areas you have the option of artificial flower jewellery. Now a days we at AnooFlowerJewellery do  artificial flower jewelries which give the exact same look as the real ones

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Many brides are in doubt about the freshness of the flower jewellery as they don’t want dried jewellery on them in all the pictures. So let me inform you that flower jewellery stays fresh over 2 days when stored in the refrigerator (not near freezer, but at place where vegetables are kept) and about 5-6 hrs once you wear them.
Freshness also depends on the flowers that your are choosing(orchids stay fresh for a longer time than rose),color that you are choosing(on the darker shades you take time to notice the dryness) and also the pattern of knitting the flowers.
So just be carefree, wear the jewellery, feel like an angel and enjoy your ceremony ! 😉

Choose the color of the flowers being used according to the dress color that you will be wearing. If you are wearing a monotone attire choose the color of the flower with a shade lighter or darker to the color of your dress(Going Contrast over here is a big NO!) or if your ghagra and choli are in contrast then you can go for a contrast colored flowers.
Send pictures of your dress to the jewellery maker to give them a proper idea about the color you are talking about. Also do try to ask them to customize your selected design to the color you want.Buy Fresh Flower Jewellery Online

4.When to place the order ?
Start your search for the jewellery at least 2 weeks in advance cause as currently there are very few good flower jewellery makers in the market you make take some time to find them. And finalize your design at least 10 days in adavance giving your jewellery maker enough time to get the flowers you exactly need as sometimes you need to get some flowers shipped from other countries also.

5.What elements to take in the set
The flower jewellery set generally has the following elements maangtiika,earrings,necklace(chocker and long one),bajubandhs,bracelets,rings,kamarbandh,chaabikachalla and payal. Many flower jewellery providers cost you according to the elements you need so choose wisely.
If you are having a mehendi ceremony you need not have the bracelets,rings or payal as it is there will be mehendi on your hand hands and legs, go for either kamarpatta or chabbikachalla. If you are choosing for your baby shower function do ask your designer to make a wider kamarbandh.
Buy Fresh Flower Jewellery Online

6.How much to spend
You must get the entire set in between Rs.3500 to Rs.8500 until and unless you need something very exclusive. If you are going for real flower jewellery then you will be using it only once thus this range would be appropriate.
Rs.2500 to Rs.5000 is a good budget for artificial flower jewellery ,also you have an advantage of reusing this one.

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