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Universal Love for beauty always lies in Our Mother “Nature.”Ever since we are born It has been a Spark to a baby’s eyes to look the beauty around. The aura, which a poet can sense and an artist can feel, is nothing but the Nature.

Flowers have personalities, developed by their needs, appearance, and cultural understanding. Flowers are representations of our values and ourselves. The new age women wants a Fresh blossomed Flower to take rest in her beautiful tangled hair and is often heard saying “I would rather prefer flower in my hair than diamond around my neck”She wore flower in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes. Now that the talents and the arts have emerged, we see these flowers resting as ornaments to elevate the inner beauty.


Bride wearing Fresh flowerJewellery for Mehendi ceremony

Fresh Flowers clapping hands with kundans, stones, sequences, beads and pearls together make a stunning embellished Jewelry termed as  “Flower Jewellery” Very soon-to-be bride dreams of being the most beautiful woman in the room on her wedding as well as pre-wedding functions.

Why to select Flower Jewelry:

The Floral jewels are the most adorable and interesting ornaments which enchant the crowd and make the Wedding Bride standout from the rest. Unique and Ethnic, this jewelry is a must have for the occasion a girl always dreamt of i.e; the BIG Day,the Mehendi and the Sangeet Functions. Indian weddings have a long tradition of using flowers to decorate not only the wedding venue, but also the bride herself.
Flower jewellery has evolved over the years and today you can get jewellery of whichever flower you are looking for. The accustomed set includes a pair of earrings, maang tikka,necklace, bracelet and anklets. But if you also want something extraneous, floral Bajubandh and Kamarbandh are also available to enhance the beauty of a bride.  If you want to be really creative and different, you can even get a floral dupatta! Now isn’t that really exciting !

The kind of flower used normally depends on your choice and the color of your wedding attire. Usually, all types of flowers are used to make flower jewelry. FlowerJewellery can also be theme based.


Bahubali Flower Jewellery

Roses, orchids and jasmines are the most popular and favorite type of flowers used for making this jewelry. Flower Jewelry is at its best when worn as a contrast, which compliments your outfit.

We are sure even the simplest of outfit will steal the show when you wear this elegant FlowerJewellery! Enjoy the pride as Princess!

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– Article by : Preethi