It is not an exaggeration when people say wedding trends change faster than in the fashion Industry. That is one hundred percent sure and we cannot agree more. The Brides are now looking for uniqueness above anything else and hence the ever evolving designs for all the wedding accessories.

?So, if you too have your wedding / special occasion approaching and you are in a hunt for some fresh off the shelf garland designs, todays blog would be just the right thing for you. As garlands are the most visible floral accessories throughout your wedding, make sure it is a design you love and will be able to carry with ease.? Without further ado lets hop in right into the list.


We have constantly mentioned about Baby Breath flowers in a couple of our blogs and we would have to do so now too, to showcase this beautiful creation. Baby Breath has definitely been a star this season and its airy look, makes it a?du jor??instantly.? A customizable colored florals are added in the center to top off the whole look to perfection.


Next on the list is a new age garland for couples who love bright/off beat colors. While white or red is the usual norm, the couple here opted for a hot pink garland, matching the Brides outfit for their Engagement ceremony. Made with carnations and matching rose buds, this is also a great light weight garland option, for Couples who prefer them. Owing to the availability of the florals used, this design can also be replicated in various colors according to the clients request.


This Garland has always been and probably will always be on the top of the charts, for the next few wedding seasons. The versatility of this Floral Jaal Garland design and the traditional color play will make it an ideal choice as a wedding garland. Best worn as a single pair, this could be your potential pick in a blink.


Inspired from the Bollywood wedding designs, we have curated one of the most loved design, for this very special twin couples. Made from Rose buds and well complemented with Baby Breath, this are a pair of garlands for perfectionists and for those of you whole love symmetry. Also this design offers a great deal of customization to any color according to the clients needs.


While the floral Jaal is always tops on traditional wedding garlands, here is another light weight version of the same, designed in the exact color scheme of red and offwhite, Couples opting for two sets of Garlands for their wedding, this is undoubtedly a spot on choice.

Hoping that you loved our Garlands designs on the blog today and if you are looking for more inspiration, check out our page for hundreds of designs to inspire you for your dream wedding. To place an order DM us or get it touch with one of our Executives through the numbers provided on the page.